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I'm a vocalist, songwriter, musician, producer, and artist. I have mainly worked within the EDM realm, releasing on labels such as Monstercat and NCS. I also make alternative/folk solo music. You can find my music on all online platforms if you search my name!

Some notable collaborations: "Monody" with TheFatRat, "We Won't Be Alone" with Feint, "Dreams" with Rogue, and "Summer Never Ends" with Anna Yvette

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I'm glad! Yes, I will continue working with Anna Yvette and I would love to collaborate with Danyka Nadeau, Veela, Charlotte Haining, Katie from Koven, Q'AILA, Daniela Andrade, & MYLK!

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Hey guys what's up?!

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Because Laura Brehm ghost produced it. And Elliot wrote the vocals. <3