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A hot, open marriage-having, redhead biochemist stripper?

I haven't seen or heard it all, but this puts me a lot closer. Good luck on the parenting, motherhood, stripping and biochemistry.

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So is this an old GW sub? You look fantastic by the way.

Do you have any other collegues that are stripping their way through school? Or any physicists, engineers, doctors, etc that also strip?

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Hello! Happy Thanksgiving!

Movie-wise, where do you stand? What's your favorite movie? Preferred genre?

If you could pick an existing movie and replace one of the characters with yourself, which character/movie would it be?

What is your favorite TV show and why is it Seinfeld?

May you and your be blessed! Have a great weekend

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and one who has a masters in education but couldn't find a job teaching.

This blows my mind. I'd be stripping too, if there were a male strip joint in my city. And if I were in shape.

I congratulate you on the enormity of your success and I wish you the best.

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Yeah, baby. - Honduras