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Nah bro, it's just genetics/ they didn't eat that extra teaspoon of macadamia nut oil (what a dude told me once)

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What are some of your biases that you realized you had?

I ask without judgement, Im black but I have a bunch of biases that I have to actively work against in order to be sensitive.

I wasn't raised in any way to perceive other ethnicities as particular things but sometimes people come into my place of work and my brain goes "oh geeze, someone from india? And they have an accent? I don't want to talk to them, this will be difficult" thankfully I've been more mindful and can catch it and be like "woah where the fuck did that come from?" And then actively do the opposite.

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In rules of attraction one of the characters I believe the townie at the beginning is talking about a film that's incorrectly credited as a Tarantino film, is this a nod to how Avary wrote True Romance?

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How hard was it to carry your gigantic fucking balls?

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"I don't usually eat 5 in a row"

Pfft casual.