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in your post you said you hunt down pedos, dealers, crime orgs, etc. But don't they all do a "test" of sorts where they force you to shag a kid or someone else to prove that you're "in the community"? I remember there was a CP sting and the dealer wanted the undercover guy to receive a blowjob from a 6 year old to see if he was legit, or force him to fuck.

How do you handle those type of situations?

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Distracting visual movements is a real thing, next time you're in a fight helicopter-dick then get north-south position and start thrusting while you suck em off. Total confusion.

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What is your stance on pedophiles? I saw that some people are trying to move it into a "sexual identification/preference" sphere were society should be more accepting to said pedos.

I've also heard that it's so ingrained that it's not a preference so you can't really "treat" a pedo other than chemical castration. Is that true?

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Do you have any good sources or material? Or is the security community more of a "if you really want to learn, you'll find it? type of scene? Its a general consensus that most of the practices taught in formal education is more about how to approach the problem, the practices are very outdated since its a constant race/evolution.

If there are courses, which do you recommend?

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What are your feelings towards ad blockers as a user? Arguably no one wants to deal with ads due to the possibility of malware, but at the same time those ads are in part funding these sites.