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In your opinion what is one product (by HP) that you would avoid like the plague?

And what is one product that you can't possibly live without (again, by HP)?

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I'm a little confused. There's no doubt that I think you're a designer for The Resistance, but who's Travis for Indie Games? I bought Avalon from him and that's usually who I get updates from. :P

But I do have questions.

1) How successful do you think Kickstarter has been in aiding your sales? I mean I think it's personally fantastic that The Resistance does very well in the casual board game community, but I know that Kickstarter has really amplified it's exposure. Does the cut that Kickstarter takes hurt that much?

2) Is there any hopes in expanding the game past 10 players? I personally can see the problems (ergo mostly downtime between players), but I'm wondering if it's been considered.

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What was your favorite sketch and why is it Space Potatoes?