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What made you decide to dress so terribly, all of the time?

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How does one become an investigative journalist? As in, how do you find the stories? Being a journalist is one thing, but uncovering things...

And every video I watch on ‘how to be an investigative journalist’ begins with a whistleblower. They all assume someone comes to you with the story - do you ever stumble upon anything yourself?

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How do you find things on the dark web without search engines?

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So how do you actually investigate this? There’s probably inauguration filing with the FEC, right, but then what? Call up everyone who received payment and ask what it got?

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Isn't it almost certain at this point that Kamala Harris will be the first female president?

A bazillion percent *un*certain. Half the US just voted to reelect a man who demonstrated nothing in the last four years but incompetence and race-based grievances. There's every chance that if Biden steps down after one term, Harris won't even come close to winning.