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I just want you to know. I’m 17 and all my grandparents are technologically illiterate and they don’t care to learn. It makes me very happy to see people your age embracing the internet. So thank you. :)

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Is the trip to North Korea’s real? Like an actual trip there?

Also, how have dealt with scaling up your operations?

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I would assume you could toggle it. If it’s a shooter in Las Vegas and you live in Miami. You might not want to see the face. If you see a headline “Prison escapee on the loose in Miami” (assuming you still live in Miami) then you turn it off and see the face and name of the offender.

It’s a feature that already exists in many applications and extensions.

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Oh! This is really cool! I’ve used your services before and they have been really helpful so thank you ahead of time. What I’m wondering is when you do these tear downs- what do you do with the aftermath?