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Mentioning Khan Academy gives a lot of respect from a university student. They are praised by so many I know in the engineering field.

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Can we just have a crusade that will get rid of all these illegal/ill-intented/quick moneymaking business that ruin girls life in 2016?

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Hello Sam. In 2009 I was saved by a bone marrow transplantation. I spent 3 months in one of the biggest hospitals in Denmark. Now I have a french bone marrow and I'm going strong. A lot of my friends and family have singed up after hearing how big of a struggle it was to find a match for me, because my blood type and DNA is rare. I've also participated in a few events and interviews about bone marrow stuff.

Keep up the good work, I doubt if I would be alive today if it wasn't for people spreading the word about becoming a bone marrow donor (it's surprisingly easy to become one, because you just sign up, have a few tests done and then you wait.)

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Now that you mention it, not really. But french wine on the other hand, especially red wine.

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I'm a marrow recipient, but as far as I know, the donation from the hip is the more old school method of doing it. It can also be done through a normal blood donation, but it works sorta like a dialysis machine where it cycles your blood and extracts the small bits of marrow that are found in your blood, then puts the leftover blood back into your veins.

Edit: I believe it is called Peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) donation