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lars2x59 karma

Hi! I am from the netherlands and we currently have the approach to limit social activity. We are however not in ‘lockdown’ since our icus are still able to handle the load. Ive read many times online that this ‘herd immunity’ theory is stupid and that we are doing it all wrong. However, from my limited understanding i dont know why this would be so wrong. As long as our icus are able to handle the load this is the right response since the virus has to go ‘through’ the whole population before this is over correct? Why do you say that we should just all stay inside. Wouldnt this be counter productive since the moment we all go back outside the virus will come back?

Also, since this virus is supposed to be spread via ‘liquid particles’, how does a healthy person without any symptoms (no coughing, runny nose etc) infect others. If you are not coughing you cannot spread it right? Thanks!