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Have you been doing calisthenics your whole life? Or, is this something you picked up and realized that we just don't do this stuff enough?

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Aren't you wasting time by not tackling the larger slices of the pie with issues of supply chain, transportation, food waste at scale, energy generation? These are mainly issues of regulation and economic externalities

Granted those are big issues, but I think the point of this is to show that if we grow our own food, we shrink that supply chain, we cut down on the transportation, food waste is not as big of an issue as there will be an abundance.

It is funny though that this is to sell books, but I guess education is a part of any paradigm shift.

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Why are "Grand Slams" not on the menu? What's the big secret?

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Where do the whole chickens come from? Sourced locally, or from a huge centralized chicken coop?

Is there a difference between Canada and US chickens?