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When did you realize everything was going very, very wrong, beyond the (unfortunately) typical anti-semitism?

My Jewish grandfather was born in Leipzig in 1921, and escaped in 1939, first to England, and then to the United States. He never spoke about what happened to him under Hitler - to anyone. He died a couple years ago. Thank you for the courage to talk about it.

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How long did you have to "play dead"? Did you warn your close friends and family ahead of time that this was going to happen so they wouldn't freak out?

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Why is the ratio of TSA agents standing around doing nothing to people working seem to be 3:1?

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What kind of books do you read for pleasure? What was your favorite of the past year?

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What are your thoughts on accountable care organizations? Will they bring down costs and improve care or will they make not much of a difference at all?