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Holy cow, man. It looks like they unhinged you like a pez dispenser at the ribcage! Welcome back and thanks for sharing your life.

How badly did CF affect your activity level pre-transplant? Thought of anything you're going to do post-recovery yet, or still just enjoying life day by day?

Keep strong and keep breathing.

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That is seriously one hell of a surgical wound, and I dig the large-bore drainage tubes bonus :D Man, that sounds pretty rough before you got the call, and I saw in another reply you made that you had some pretty wretchedly low O2 sats too. Definitely good that you got into the shop sooner rather than later. I'm sure recovery is gonna go great and you'll be on your feet doing the things you want. Why did you pick journalism, and do you think that you'll go back to that?

Thanks for replying and the scaryass picture!

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Just fyi, the brain is only ~3 lbs - around the same as the liver, maybe a little less, and she only had a relatively small bit of it removed, so the phyical removal shouldn't affect her weight meaningfully.

Other parts like the bowels and lungs weigh more, too - it isn't really "one of the heaviest parts of the body", I don't think. The whole head itself weighs up to maybe 10ish lbs. Arms can weigh around the same or a bit less, legs quite a bit more.