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Howdy fellow dev! I guess the obvious question is, what would your post-mortem on this current release of the game be? IE what went right, what went wrong, and what needs improvement?

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Because you of all people should know that 2D is love, 2D is life. Also Shantae owns my soul. So there's that.

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Hey Lab Zero! This is your good friend Dan from Lantana Games, who happens to have a mutual friend, Ricky, who's also done animations on our game Children of Liberty. My question: with the sheer amount of competition (and cooperation) in the indie space right now, what do you as a team do to stand out in the community? For instance, Vlambeer spends half their time developing, and half their time going all over the planet to promote their games, make new dev tools, and attend every conference imaginable. At Lantana Games, we devote time to helping and mentoring students with their game development projects to help give young developers a leg up. What kinds of community involvement does Lab Zero do that you think helps boost yourself and/or indies as a whole, or do you think that kind of thing is completely unnecessary and us indies should just hunker down and code already?

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I'm a huge fan of Dunkelweizens but have so much trouble finding them! Heffes are a bit too light for my tastes. Are there any Dunkels you'd recommend I try to hunt down?

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At what point am I no longer allowed to send over the thing I want you to say for my Kickstarter reward? :P