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So don't worry. As a human being we all get nervous. This is a common thing. Try to focus only on your sincere connection between you and the music. Don't think too much on everything else going on. Think about how to make the performance as smooth and enjoyable for yourself. Think about the music and connection rather than getting into the school. Look and scan at your scores before your performance. Eat some chocolate and take a breath. Do some breathing exercises and relax your shoulders.

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The hardest part is to always keep fresh minded in our practice process and also to always have the confidence to perform on stage. So the advice would be to never let it get cold in your heart. Always stay passionate.

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Two hours a day total spread throughout the day. And thank you!

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I like to watch NBA and the European soccer championship.

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4 days. They are great musicians and they have the most passionate and energetic spirits I know. They're very sweet and down to earth people.