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Maybe you could help me! I own a tailoring/reupholstery business, and am constantly vacuuming up pins, needles, staples, and THREAD, LOTS OF IT. I have gone through 2 standard vacuums so far, and my shop vac doesn’t seem to be cutting it. The thread clogs up the brush, and the hose attachment just does not pick up the volume I need it to. Half of my shop is carpeted, half is sealed concrete. Do you have any suggestions for a vacuum that I won’t destroy and can handle sharp objects?

Thank you in advance!

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Oh my god, thank you so much! Any advice on a vacuum that I won’t clog the brushes up with thread?

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Thank you again! I’m sorry about your job. If have any interest in industrial sewing machine repair, definitely look into that. I know where I live (Long Island, NY) repair techs are few and far between, and the ones I know are nearing retirement.

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Yes I have! Problem with mine is that the needles and pins get stuck in the carpet. I’ll definitely look into your link though, as my magnet is a pos haha