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lagonborn36 karma

As far as the town management hardon a lot of people come with into Kenshi, it seems to be in vogue. The playerbase of Kenshi seems to overlap a lot with those of Dwarf Fortress, Rimworld, and even Factorio, and those games' main focus is on base building, so it's not really surprising a lot of people see "yet another town manager" while getting into it.

That said, Kenshi is a superb wandering squad rpg as it is, despite it's faults and occasional instability, and maybe the best anarcho-communist simulator ever made (I really dig that vibe). From that perspective, it seems to me like bases were intended to be just that, not towns or trade hubs, but a refueling station and a way to go "off the grid" for your group. If either of you see this, would you say that's accurate?