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Did they use real anesthesia or did they do that combo mess with demerol and something else? My biopsy hurt like hell, I didn't stay under, and despite the "amnesia" properties they touted, I didn't have the pleasure of forgetting it.

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Thanks. I got disqualified pretty much as soon as I opened the list. I stopped after the first 10 seemd silly to continue with 5 disqualifications.Thank you for the info though.

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Good to know. Are there specific health issues or medications that might disqualify you to be a donor?

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Looked like any allergen that you have an anaphylaxic reaction to, and latex. So if you carry epi pens,, you are out.

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Which explain why autoimmune conditions would disqualify you. Whole reason I know what the biopsy feels like is they were worried I had leukemia. Took a couple of years to get the answers, but instead I have RA and AS.

So wait, is that immune system replacement permenant?