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Any advice for a stay at home mom with a BS but has had no work experience for the last 7 years on how to become more marketable?

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Wow sounds awesome. Thanks for sharing your story. I feel like I have a chance of starting a whole new career if I really wanted to. We are just a little tight on money right now so I can't do anything crazy like get a 2nd degree, but doing classes on the side is not out of the question. My BS is in biochemistry. After college I worked for a insurance company doing customer service. I didn't get to work in my field because I was away from the research area. I married my husband and moved in with him. Shortly after we started our family and it no longer made sense for me to work. We would either break even, or made less if I continue my job so I stayed home. At this point I'm really considering going into hospitality.

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Can kids make their own toy designs? And how much is additional printer food?