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Congratulations, you just made every single person reading this thread start binge watching your videos.

But seriously though, one more hint you can give us maybe?

Edit: For anyone reading this, we've now made a subreddit dedicated to finding the names. Come over to /r/whoarepinkandblue

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Which voices hurt the worst?

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Hey Nick! Longtime fan here. Because of the Strokes, I have this wonderful friend group online who are also my age and Strokes fans, and we have a groupchat just to send stupid Strokes memes. (One of those people is the girl who won the CRX test pressing contest!) So thank you for being a part of making that possible.

My questions (answer whatever ones you feel like!):

  1. Do you enjoy looking at the dumb Strokes memes people like us make?

  2. Were there any main albums or bands that influenced your new band/record?

  3. Of all the animals to be obsessed with, why chickens?

  4. Were there any specific events that inspired this record? It seems like a lot of lyrics deal with putting on a straight face and dealing with things. Any reason why?

  5. Because yesterday was Halloween, what's your favorite candy?

  6. Is there a Strokes song you're most proud of?

  Thanks again for coming out and doing this wonderful AMA!

Edit: Formatting!

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If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?

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What's your opinion on Jake Checkoway? I don't think you've ever made a statement about him before.