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Slacker mods, phoning in your job. Verify the rest, you lazy bastard.


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"How do you plan on securing your new nation?" Yes.

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Not willingly. I used to work at Google. Google did not wake up one morning and say "gosh, we should send the NSA user data!" because that's counter to the company's needs for user data. I can almost promise that the situation is the same at Microsoft. National Security Letters (of which I've held one, from my former hosting career) not only coerce a company to give up everything it can, they also forbid the company from telling anybody they have done so. The PRISM story broke while I was at Google, and our best guess was that was their codename for the information collected via the "legal" process using NSLs and FISA warrants (they have other, illegal programs, of course).

All companies I am familiar with that were involved with PRISM were coerced by laws that suck, decided in a court that isn't public out of the view of legislative oversight.

I got shafted by Google in terms of employment, so I'm not here to sway you on Google being a good company, just that the law is heavily skewed toward government surveillance at this moment and needs to be fixed.

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If the movies are any indication, immediately die while the killer absconds to Bruges.

And hates it.

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It's fairly obvious that these steps are being taken to make them more attractive to a purchaser; Google is probably waiting for them to clean up their house before pulling the trigger.

I'd bet an entire paycheck that there's an agreement to purchase once Twitch cleans up the last few things, the gaping liability of third-party music used in archival being one of them. Although it isn't really liability, but...