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9 - - I totally agree with you!!! I work for an indie rap/hip-hop label that represents an artist out of Miami. He is working his butt off as are we to get him out there. The market is so overly saturated with lackluster talent such as 2-Chainz, Chief Keef, Trinidad James, etc. It's like the industry has just forgotten how to find ground breaking talent. Anyone can be make a record.....but sustainability in the industry seems to be no longer part of the equation.

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I know the laws are different from state to state but what would you say is the craziest law someone has broken that you had to make an arrest or give a citation?

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Who would you list as your top three artist that are relevant right now? (someone may have asked you this already and if so I apologize)

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Thank you. And I totally know how that getting help or rather lack there of help from Google goes!

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Your post is PERFECT timing with issues that I am having getting two accounts up and running on adsense. I work for an indie record label...we have several accounts that we need to get synced up to adsense for monetization. Acct. #1 Artist Account: was set up with adsense but with a google account we don't use anymore. So when I try to get it set up with the proper email it won't let me unless I delete the current google account it is set up with now. Problem 2 is we have an adsense number on that artist acct. but it does not offer us the monetization choice in video manager. Acct. #2 Misc. Account: This account is not in perfect standing due to a past employee that posted copyrighted material. Is there a way to get this account set up with adsense if not in great standing or do we have to wait the 6 months for the account to clear and be in good standing?

I have had a time trying to figure all this out.

Thank you for your time and assistance.