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Actually it depends on how you write it. Tell the school about the hundred of hours you spent babysitting/taking care of grandma/ having a side job to help pay the bills. How has this impacted you (and not just the I couldn't devote time to playing tennis)? Maybe your grandpa was a war veteran and his ear stories got you interested in history. Maybe your grandma talked about how she had dreams to become an engineer but she met sexism and that got you to reflect on social justice so now you want to be a lawyer or you want to keep pushing and do the things she couldn't so now you want to become a (insert male dominated field/profession) here. Maybe you tried to understand the economics of running a fast food place and why fast food workers are paid so little which sparked your interest in business.

You spent the time practicing these things. Maybe they are not your typical clubs. Maybe they are not glamorous or desirable or cool. Maybe they are in fact activities that motivate you to do more. But you did spend the time doing these things so tell us what that means to you and what you learned.

Maybe you learned to multitask and you were working on memorizing the Krebs cycle while flipping burgers. Maybe you figured out how to optimize the process so you can be more efficient. Maybe you reflected the unfairness if your position and made plans to never be in that position again. Maybe you learned how to lead a team. Or how to be patient with people.

Reflect on what you had to do. Then discuss that.

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There are dietary restrictions on both peritoneal and hemodialysis. Biggest ones are phosphorus, potassium and fluids. All are restricted. You need to eat a lot of protein, which naturally contain phosphates. You do take phosphate binders to help but have to read the ingredients for added phosphates. Sadly in the US sodium phosphates is a common preservative. Vegetable sources of protein are bad with soybeans being on the never ever should you eat list. So are any milk products, so no milk, no cheese, no youghurt, no sour cream, no ice cream, no soy milk products. Oddly enough cream cheese and almond milk are OK in moderation. No dark sodas.

Potassium is a doozy. If you are on PD, you can have more but on hemodialysis you can be severely restricted. The hemodialysis restrictions can be truly brutal : 2-3 servings per day, exclude fun things like potatoes, oranges and bananas. White rice and bread are better than whole grains. Canned veggie is often better than the raw one since the canning can leach out pottasium.

Dialysis patients loose their ability to produce urine. PD can preserve whatever residual function you kidneys have, and you can absorb or give up fluid via the peritoneal membrane (in exchange for calories). Hemodialysis can be set to 0( most centers suck at that) or pull some. Still your fluid intake is limited to avoid fluid overload. Bye bye soups, watermelon, refreshing drinks...

Salt is another thing that nutritionists hammer on. But the literature doesn't support this. Sadly most nutritionists continue to spread the misinformation making the diet harder than it is.

Either way dialysis patients take a shuttle. Of meds: phosphorus binders or two, fiber, blood pressure meds (esp due to fluid overload), PTH regulators at some point (because if your phosphorus calcium balance gets out pottasium f whack you will either calcify you organs and blood vessels or leach calcium out of your bones), special dialysis vitamins in part because severe veggie restrictions and in part because their body can't take the nutrition version and turn it into the version the body uses, some antiinflammatory herbal stuff since they are always running low grade inflammation, epogen ( the hormones that the kidney would produce to tell the bone marrow to make red blood cells), iron so that red blood cells can be made, and special vitamin d.

This is more or less the list if you have no other problems like diabetes and what not.

Forgot another one : bye bye chocolate too.

Edit: a shuttle of meds is what autocorrect thinks i meant when i type a shitton of meds...

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Except it cannot have been 50 yrs. The statute is 4 yrs maximum. Honestly I pity the OP who is trying to push this 50 yr bulshit. I wonder why the AMA now? Is it because she cannot collect the settlement if he is out? Maybe I am too cynical...

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Not humans?😋