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Dear Bernd,

first off let me thank you and the whole Egosoft team for many great years with the X-Series, from X-BtF to X4! Thank you very much for your efforts to create a unique, captivating and very enjoyable game. :-)

I have a few questions for you. Don’t mind me taking full advantage of this great opportunity to ask you anything…

  1. How different will the Terran economy be? Will there be compatible products between the Commonwealth and Terrans (aside from Energy Cells)? What about ship weapon compatibility, now that the whole system of what ship can use what weapon has completely changed?

  2. How advanced is Terran tech compared to the Commonwealth? Last time around it was superior (and I loved it!)

  3. “You cannot give orders to a station” – Would it be hard to allow direct commands to stations (with a limited range of course)? Something like “Factory A transfer N amount of good X to Factory B”, which it will do using its cargo drones. I imagine it would make logistics between stations much easier. Is there a reason – aside from time constraints – for not implementing something like this?

  4. Big economic question: Right now the space economy is all about war, ships and stations (which also mostly serve a military purpose). That’s how you make money, each military good you manufacture can and will generate a profit. What if the economy was split in a civilian and a military branch: the former being the one to generate profits (with good for sustenance, luxury, tech, special resources etc.), the latter being the resource/credit sink? From a realistic point of view, military power almost always derives from economic might, instead of the reverse. Balancing two things that need each other would also give the player something to think on. What are your thoughts on such an approach to the X4 economy?

Thank you very much for doing this AMA and for taking the time to talk to us. It’s very much appreciated.

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X-Rebirth had some really great designed interiors. While it was probably a good idea to cut back on that feature for X4, I still feel it would be nice to have at least a few select interiors being more extensive, i.e. faction representatives/capitals or private quarters at the PHQ. Do you have any thoughts on that?

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Ah, so that's the reason. But I'm still satisfied, since it was mentioned in yesterday's stream that order loops are coming back with 4.0. That kind of solves my initial problem. :)

Thank you for answering!

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Thank you very much for your answer, can't wait to see the results!

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Player-owned stations are populated by a mixed selection of races (also mixed crews for player ships from player-owned shipyards), no matter what living quarters are present or lacking. Can we expect more options here with 4.0?