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My dear gay readers, I ask you, why must you display affection for each other in public,knowing full well that it will offend the rest of us?

Fucking yikes. The rest of it is just as bad, if not worse.

It reads like someone who thinks they're an "out of the box" thinker who "tells it like it is," but it's really just a barely-coherent, rambling list of mild-to-extreme white nationalist/homophobic/sexist talking points.

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Yeah, whenever black bears come up on reddit I see a lot of people referring to them as "basically slightly larger dogs" and other similar remarks.

This is a dangerous way to view a 200-400 pound wild animal. Yes they are timid 98% of the time, but you still have to respect the fact that the black bear is a large carnivore, and they could easily overpower you if they so chose.

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Excellent. Now I can stalk you at my leisure.

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Hey Kevin. Big fan and fellow Athenian here. I was wondering what your favorite bar or restaurant in Athens was?

Thanks for doing this AMA!