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as a large city inhabitant i confirm

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Before you develop the disease, yes.

But as it turns out, some people never even develop the disease, but they still remained contagious throughout their body fighting it. So its like it never happened but they might have given it to someone who is now bedridden.

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I can only guess your little friends cells that used to do the flavor and smell thingy went to heaven, and only strong sensations like that may return if you have an increase of oxygen intake which boost your brain's performance quiee some. Astronomers sometimes hyperventilate in purpose so their eyes receive more oxygen, thus allowing them to see ever so faint objects that they couldnt otherwise see unless they used a camera.

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Well honestly im not sure if this should be surprising. With common colds i completely lost my ability to smell and taste for couple days, and it return very slowly, up until 1 month till is back working.

Once i remained with a cold for almost 3 months in a row for god knows why, and during that time it was all gone.

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Do you think Battlefield 2042 is a far more entertaining game than Battlefield 3?