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A viking is someone who goes into viking; which is a voyage, made for wealth. That could be trading, or it could be raiding, depending on circumstances. It is inaccurate to say it is equivalent to "pirate", though.

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As a Dane who grew up reading it; I agree it's really good! It focuses primarily on Thor's servants, Tjalfe (Þjálfi) and his sister, Røskva (Röskva) and as a result, they are made more central to the stories than they were in the original texts, and it is a little sanitized for children, but it is still really, really good.

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Unfortunately, from the trailer, it looks like you should consider this to be fantasy vikings rather than historical. They seem to have taken a lot of inspiration from the Netflix series.

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Loki was dressed up as a bridesmaid, too, and some of said shenanigans included Thor glaring so hard at the giant when he went to get a kiss that the giant thought he'd fall dead on the spot. Loki quickly explained that "Freya" had been so eager to meet her husband that she hadn't slept for nine days!

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That's not quite correct. Axes made for war weren't anything like tool axes. A tool axe needs to be sturdy, wheras a waraxe is very thin, to make it lighter and faster to swing, and to make it easier to cut. So an axe brought to a battle would have been made for that purpose. You don't bring a wood chopping axe to war.