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kylerk22 karma

I both admire and loath the fact that you like to do everything by hand. As an artistic practice it really makes sense, you are fully involved in every part of the film making and this comes through in the films.

In my first year in animated film school I made this short film under an Oxberry Camera on 16mm film, the whole thing is straight out of the camera: Cresendo Step

While I realize it was an amazing process to go through, it is still a really painful way to make a living as an artist, and it feels like it is a method that simply ignores any technological advancements in the world.

What do you feel you lose when you work with computers? Is it the final image, the working process that is different? The reason I ask is that I don't think it is viable to make a living as an artist doing things entirely by hand in this day and age. I believe that if I want to continue to make art and animation, I will need to remain competitive by pushing the bounds of how animation is made.

If you could have any magic technology, what would it do to make you animation easier to make?