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What web site(s) did you miss the most?

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What do you think of Lawrence Lessig's work with Root Strikers? Have you read his book Republic Lost: How Money Corrupts Congress--and a Plan to Stop It?

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What are your thoughts on rent control? It seems like it has resulted in a lot of unintended consequences (lack of means test allowing wealthier residents to rent at prices well below market rate, etc.). Do you have a plan to provide more affordable housing to young people in the city?

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I'd really like to see this answered, this is the single most important issue for me as a voter. I'm not sure which is more ridiculous, that a one bedroom in my neighborhood costs $500k or that everyone agrees that's a good investment because its value is sure to increase.

edit: I guess I typed my response at the same time as Bill did. Thanks for answering this realistically.

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Have you seen Banksy's new artwork in the city? What do you think about street art?