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What the hell is worse than finding brain matter sprayed about?

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Dear sir, congrats on being a badass and not bitching out of life. My son has a shortened radius and clubbish right hand. He's naturally right handed and so forced to use his left. He does well enough on consoles, but really shines on the iPad. He's life loving and not afraid to try anything. I hope as he gets older he keeps his confidence and determination to live as it seems you have. I do have a question though. Is there any kind of place he could go to get a custom console controller? Something form fitted just to his specification? He tries his hardest to play MW3 with me but gets discouraged when he gets single digit kills. Any advice?

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I think I may remember meeting your father, I worked at the US Embassy in Manila from 2006 to 2009, did he ever came in for Tricare or DOD ID related business during that time?

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I'm gonna check it out man, either way it goes thanks for the recommendation.

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I am without steam, I haven't PC gamed since '09.

Edit: found my old steam info, inviting you now, name is Jenai