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kushangaza313 karma

[Disclaimer: I only learned about LBRY today]

Surfing your homepage I found this article about your beta waitlist. According to the article, you have 100 000 users on your waitlist and plan invite 500 users from the waitlist each week. At that pace I should get my beta invite in about four years. Probably later, because I will be overtaken by users who register tons of junk accounts.

Yet here you are, generating publicity and telling you to "get LBRY ASAP" by entering you waitlist. What am I missing here? Has your handling of the waitlist changed in the last two weeks or do we have to settle in for a really long wait?

kushangaza66 karma

Every computer connected to and running LBRY helps make the network stronger.

It’s currently in an expanding beta because we need to be careful in how we grow and scale the network.

Aren't those two phrases in contradiction with each other?

kushangaza63 karma

Assuming no referals at all, and assuming you continue to double the rate of additions every two weeks, I will get my invite in only 12 weeks. Yay!?

kushangaza0 karma

If "every computer connected to and running LBRY helps make the network stronger", you'd expect that growing the network fast is no problem. Yet they justify the waitlist with the reason that it would be a problem if the network would grow too fast...