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Hi there! Thanks for doing this AMA, it brings back a lot of childhood memories. On to the question:

My uncle has been an actor for 30 or 40 years, and one of his gigs included a brief stint on Pete & Pete. He played the shop teacher-turned driving instructor with a hook for a hand. His name is Don Creech (he lived in NYC at the time, but lives in LA now).

I think the role was played by two actors over time - my uncle would have been the second one.

Are there any things in particular you remember about the episode that ended with you beating him in a go-kart race? I will see him during the holidays and he would get a real kick out of hearing that I was able to ask you this.

Thanks again! (p.s. my wife thinks you are awesome! "your show represented the golden age of nickelodeon" )

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this is an excellent reply. thanks again for doing this!