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Hi John, your music has been a major common bond between me (32) and my father (58) for almost 20 years now. From road trips together with cassette tapes of CCR to getting to watch you together when I bought tickets to your show in Kelowna together, we've got a LOT of memories that coincide with your music. I just wanted to thank you for that.

Of all your songs, which one of them sticks out the most as being tied to a fun memory with your son?

Keep on rocking, Mr Fogerty! We're going to be fans for life!

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Camille! Big fan!

What's Dave Lipson's guilty pleasure movie that he cries in every time?

How do you take your Tim Horton's coffee when you're back in Canada. Do you miss Timbits?

Good luck this year! Hope you can fight your way back to the top of the podium. You're a great role model to young girls and women out there.

I got gilded?! Sweet! Thanks, internet stranger!

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u/romanmars, now that your flag campaign has taken over the world and is sparking dialogue on dropping city crests for more appropriate imagery, what topic would you love to see take off next? I vote for 100% compliance on privacy panels between urinals!

Keep up the great work everyone!

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Thanks so much John!

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Awesome! Thanks for replying! Hope you and Dave have a great summer!