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kuntuckybeans15 karma

If you want to do a real expansion I advise making the eastern lands. That would be real marketing. Runescape: The Eastern Lands

Meaning you actually make the place, full of quests, new skills, equipment and methods of training etc.

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Yes x1000

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Both, The eastern lands is a whole new land. Elf is just a city. Get a few good devs on the elf city then focus the next big project on eastern lands. its quite simple. Theres ALOT of time till the 200th for them to work on it at a careful pace.

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Goood, Remember simple is better. We dont like noticeboards or massive interfaces. This is why the like the old quest tab and instant access inventory/armour/MAGIC SPELL BOOK

kuntuckybeans8 karma

Please allow us to have the old tab stones back. With the new interface that is. its annoying to hover through buttons to get to something as simple as the inventory. This was not practicle.