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No, that just leads to more fear and terror. Press CTRL+Z and... nothing happened. "Oh God, what did I just undo? What's missing? Do I want to save? Do I not want to save? Who's going to feed the dog?"

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I paid my bankruptcy lawyer with the remaining balance of an american express credit card that was being included in the bankruptcy.

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I have to assume you've at least seen The Great Hack and/or TED and other talks by Carole Cadawallr, right?

It explains perfectly why all of that happened.

And it is all still happening right now.

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Hi Tricia,

I got to meet you and a lot of the BSG cast at various comic cons over the years. I heard you tell a story about one of the sex scenes between Six and Baltar being rather impromptu and taking place on one of the few occasions when your husband was observing.

Were they just having a go at you to see how that would play out with him on set?

Also, do you still remember most of the BSG story? During the Q&A panel with Katee and Jamie a few years ago, it seemed like neither of them had seen the show before.

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I liked the video and here's the thing. It'd be great if what nasa receives on each tax dollar was increased. It really would be. That said, maybe we don't need to wait around for that to happen. I mean I can spare a few dollars. Maybe you can too. But who do we give it to? I'm on nasa.gov right now looking for a way to donate. I see nothing.