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I am an astrophysicist if you want any advice/ contact or have ANY questions please let me know! Astronomy is an absolutely amazing field to be in! Edit: From some other comments I realized you are from Utah? What a huge coincidence. I start my post doc in astronomy in Utah in October. And when the time is here Id love to have you over at the U to chat astrophysics and so on:)))

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I’m in academia since a decade but not able to land one of these coveted permanent positions. So I’m considering leaving. But somehow I’m almost paralyzed of thinking about leaving and my life without the goal of making it in academia. It’s my dream since I can remember and just thinking of leaving makes me feel like a failure. I’m the type A person who rarely fails and I just can’t handle the thought. 😬

How do I overcome this paralysis? How do you find out what you want to do after one thing you truly love didn’t pan out?

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I developed a recurring migraine (some with aura) after having covid in April 2020. Was really debilitating for a few months until it got less frequent. Also included severe dizzyness and ringing in the ears. Definitely started with covid.

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So I did not do my undergrad/phd in the US, I did it in europe, where tuition is free (if you have any motivation to move away, seriously do consider goign to europe for studying, esp. germany: world class education for 0 tuition!) So I don't know the tuition specifics etc.

But astrophysics as a general field is great (e.g. the people, environment) one gets to travel a lot. In the end this is also very demanding though, and permanent jobs are rare. SO many people drop out after grad school or one post-doc and do somethign else relaetd (data science etc...). Thus I'd say do it if you love it, and even if you are not in the lucky few % to stay in academics, the degree gives you many other options in life too :)

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What is the best advice you can give someone who is terrible in the cold and the heat alike to deal with temperatures better?

Even just sitting at home my feet get so cold I feel like they will freeze off and when I was vacationing in a 32 Degrees with very high humidity weather I fainted in the sun and heat. :-/ So having terrible heat regulation I'd love to get some advice on how to even become a little bit better.