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Did you suggest any characters that were rejected, and why were they rejected?

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Hi Dr. Kang - I was a 4th year student of yours almost 10 years ago (looking at VSV defective interfering particles). Was this the project that Chad was working on? I remember some testing with non-human primates going on in the US while I was there, but I don't remember exactly what it was. Much of the research others were doing was "over my head" at the time. Anyways, congratulations on the good news so far. Many people are jumping on this very optimistically, and it definitely is great news, but others are skeptical that it's "just Phase I". Do you think this is a bit of media getting ahead of themselves and over-exaggerating a positive result before further testing? We hear of "cancer cures" and "breakthroughs in HIV/AIDS research" but much of it is very premature. What are your thoughts on this?

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Thanks for your reply. Wow that's great. He was the most hard working grad students I've ever seen. Good for him! Also, if anyone from the lab is reading this, you deserve some recognition - a lot of us understand how much work goes into these projects. Congrats so far! I'm in Public Health now - I will be watching anxiously and optimistically for news from the Phase II and III trials.

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I've read your book in preparation for my family of 4's adventure to South America in the spring. It proved to my husband that it was possible on our budget! Thanks! I wanted to ask if you came across many families doing similar travelling and if so, do you have any particular recommendations? Also, do you ever book accommodation ahead of time with AirBnB or other rental places, and if so, how to avoid getting scammed? Any specific pointers? Thanks so much!