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thank you so much for the music on Firefly. it was brilliant. When you researched a lot of different instruments to get the diverse music in Firefly, was there an instrument that really resonated with you? perhaps that you use now even when not necessarily going for an exotic sound?

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Thanks for doing this. Loved BSG. What has been your most awkward starstruck moment? Not a fan meeting you,but you meeting someone you're a fan of?

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glad to hear they stuck with you. Thank you for answering!

your passion for the story came through in the music. thanks again for making something transcendent.

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Holy shirt, it's back!

Loved season 1. Full disclosure: I refused to watch Veronica Mars or anything with you in it because I was an asshole and judged you by what I perceived to be a "cold" face. Finally watched you in House of Lies because the premise was too fun and Don Cheadle is Don Cheadle, now the hangup is gone and I'm a fan. I'm still an asshole, though. Have you ever made a really bad assumption of someone that was completely unwarranted, then found out you couldn't have been more wrong?

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I haven't watched snl in a couple decades, since the mike myers/dana carvey/phil hartman era ended, but I have been thinking about checking out brooklyn 99. If it's as you say, one of those shows where the chemistry is real and you can tell the cast gets along, then I'm definitely watching it now. That's one of the many things I loved about Firefly.