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Haha. It is hard not to talk to people when you are 6 inches from their face. I like to talk to my assistant while working so the patient feels somewhat involved even if they aren’t contributing often.

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It’s not easy. I came to this country like everyone else. Next thing we know people are going to say “those people” should get their own schools. As a dentist trying to make it in this business, it definitely isn’t easy.

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I never have played games with patients. But, I do talk to a lot of patients about games. Just last month I let a patient borrow ticket to ride. She had never heard of it and I thought she ought to try it out.

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It’s definitely a challenge, for anyone. I think sometimes having limited time and other responsibilities increase productivity. Nick has spoken to that concept often - his most productive game design time was during finals in dental school.

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For me there are a few key ideas. 1 - share your ideas often and early. Don’t get months into a design and spend money on artwork before you’ve fleshed out ideas and gotten feedback. 2 - you love your game, but it isn’t perfect. Don’t be so attached to ideas that you aren’t willing to change it. 3 - find the experience and feelings you want people to have, and find ways to maximize those emotions.