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Hi Mr Trash Wheel! What do think of your recent fame and do you get a lot of visitors as a result of said fame? Also, do you regret not being around to be in an episode of The Wire? You would have been a great addition to Season 2!

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You sir, are a saint. My husband and I are looking into adopting an older child and everyone(friends and family) tries to discourage us from doing so. The reasons they cite are all the problems you are describing in your responses. (I have tried explaining to them that biological children can be unstable too.) It makes me so happy to see someone who is pushing through all the anger and depression. Someday the payoff is going to be huge. Thank-you for the inspiration.

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How does the process of "matching" work, and what types of things do they take into consideration?

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Thank-you for telling your story. I enjoyed reading your responses and the newspaper article. You are a great man.

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Thank-you, sir! I'm a pretty determined and experienced gardener, so I am going to try growing a few as an experiment. I am also well versed in dehydrating, so we will see how it goes. Your cookbooks are some of my most used. I have learned so much from them.