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You're a fairly private person. This is probably your most high profile attempt of the AT in terms of media exposure and sponsorship commitments. How has that affected your experience of doing the AT and the aftermath?

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On traffic lights, why does a yellow light show before the green light? What would be wrong with a direct red -> green change?

Edit: This is in the UK and Europe. I didn't know it was such an unusual sequence. To clarify, this is the exact sequence: http://i.imgur.com/N9CwL.png

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In a similar vein, have you considered infusing any Pakistani musical elements into your music? Similar to how Sepultura use some traditional Brazilian instruments in some of their songs - does doing the same but with Pakistani instruments interest you at all? Or do you guys prefer to keep it a more mainstream sound? (Nothing wrong with either - just curious.)

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You narrated your own audio book. I loved the job you did. It seems like it must take a long time to record yourself narrating a whole book. How long did it take, and what were the most unexpected challenges you faced? Are you glad you did it?