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I wonder what they think of religion after what has happened to them, could you elaborate on that a bit, please?

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why would it be? you buy a condition of the car you see when you want to buy it. if he puts a bunch of money in it, to get it to the level it was when he got it, nobody gets hurt, and of course noone is forced to buy it.

i guess you are somewhat jealous of the kid, to be honest, and of course, who wouldn't hate a spoiled brat to boot. but if his father let's him ruin the cars, they probably lose some money on it. if the cars are in the same condition, then what's the matter with it.

but in the end, noone is forced to buy any car. (and on my part, if i could trust a dealer, then i would be more than happy to buy a car he used for a while, because any non-obvious failures/damages would come out in that time.)

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Thank you for the answer, but I wanted to know that when they leave behind everything and flee from a place where this happens to them and noone seems to be on their side... do they think of it as a chance to get rid of religion, or they still embrace it (as it has "nothing" to do with their problems), or mixed reactions?