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What's the most embarrassing thing that has happened on set, to either yourself or any of the other actors/actresses?

EDIT: Question from my mom: Who is your favourite super hero?

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I'm early to the AMA, I have a chance to ask a great question!

So, uh, umm... What's your favourite colour?

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That is the best part of racing. Not the driving at high speeds part, but the smashing on the brakes and trying to control the car/bike with someone else doing the same thing right beside you.

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I know I've complained about all the fluff pieces before, to which you've responded in the past. But one of the things that annoys me most is not so much the fluff pieces themselves, it's that the same fluff piece is shown for the same athlete every time they run (or at least every episode in which they run). For guys like Hall and Morovsky (spelling?), that means once in the regional prelims, once in the regional finals, again in stage one, and yet again for a fourth time in stage 2/3.

I would be okay with it if you continued to show the bios but only once per athlete (or at most, twice, prelims and Vegas). That would allow you to show intros for a wider portion of the athletes and at the same time show more runs.

You also said this:

Judging by the ratings, the format is working.

Then you said this:

It's true, a large amount of viewers fast forward to get to the runs.

That indicates to me that the format isn't working quite as well as you think, otherwise people wouldn't fast forward through all the fluff pieces.

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It it starts to vibrate when you're looking at porn, I can see a lot of people using it to enhance their porn viewing experience.