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If elected you're going to be the only Congressmen who knows what thorium is.

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As someone who lives, kayaks, and hikes in the Baltimore area I want to thank you for all that you're doing.

Is there anything that we can do to help eliminate the litter, especially in areas outside of your reach such as the Patapsco River?

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If you've took the time to read the source only 8% of the Marylander's surveyed said it was because of taxes.

The two highest reasons was because of work (17%) and family/friends (17%).

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If a fee is required to get an ID that is required to vote then it is considered a poll tax. A poll tax is unconstitutional (24th amendment).

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You should probably work with focus groups on product ideas then. Not your engineering team, regardless of how diverse your engineering team is, they're still all engineers!