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So sorry to read about what happened to you. There is a subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/GirlsDoLawsuits/ where I and some others are following the trial and updating it with all the relevant news.

Perhaps, you could join and shed some more light on the topic.

But more than that, I want those GDP bastards to rot in prison for the rest of their lives. I was thinking of making some social media campaign to reach out to all the GDP victims and encourage them to contact the FBI.

As you know there is a federal sex trafficking case against them and there is no statute of limitations in that. And since your case is just three years old it becomes even stronger.


Any additional victims of the alleged crime are encouraged to call the San Diego FBI at 858-320-1800.

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How did you uncover the shell companies of GirlsDoPorn? Did you work with CPAs and lawyers? Was there a breakthrough moment?

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Pornstar Ariana Marie was brought to a porn studio from FL to CA in a similar manner to some GDP victims. How common do you think this is in the porn industry? Have victims of schemes similar to GirlsDoPorn reached out to you?

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There is only one pic of Matthew Wolfe so far. And it was the same for Michael Pratt till the FBI released a new poster of him recently. These guys kept a very low profile. Was uncovering their pics your work?

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That seems like CSI type stuff! Pausing, zooming and getting a good quality screenshot and then enhancing the photo. You guys had to do a lot of digging for even the most basic info on them. Respect!