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Hi. Thank you for the great service, guys,

First of all, I'd like to tell that I had to wake up at 4 am in order to ask a bunch of questions. We like ECS very and are thinking of moving our architecture to Microsevices.

Question: Auto Scaling Group

It can spin up and shut down EC2 instances. Will ASG be able to spin up and shut down containers (TaskDefinitions) dynamicaly? When?

Related StackOverflow question I asked: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29737034/does-aws-ecs-support-per-container-dynamic-scalability

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Currently, we are using ELB+ASG+EC2. It works great. We have a dozen of instances which automatically gets more than a dozen on high load. But we would like to migrate our VPC from spinning AMI's to spinning containers.

Please, recommend a strategy, step-by-step guide, or document to migrate from AMI's to ECS Docker Containers as smooth as possible. Is there one already?

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Oh, you mean AWS blog. It would be good if ECS team would have their own blog. :)


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Exactly! This is what people want.

For example Joyent is launching this kind of service - Triton. No instances, no metrics, no sizes. "Hey, robot. Here is my container. Autoscale it."

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This sounds great! Please, blog somewhere about it. A simple recipe would be sufficient.

Thank you for the AMA session. You are great, guys.