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I've heard a lot of reports that open beta is driving people away due to performance issues and lackluster early levels (both of which are absolutely true). Essentially, open beta players haven't been given the chance to see what the game really has to offer because Carbine has put its worst foot forward if you will.

How is Carbine planning to handle this? I'm worried that this situation is going to hurt the game a lot since a healthy player base is such an important factor for MMOs.

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Thanks for the response! One thing I've noticed is that the majority of mobs in early levels aren't really skill based--either you can autoattack them down and you kill them, or they outdamage you and they kill you.

There's very few mobs with telegraphed attacks which you can kill (solo) if you dodge the telegraphs but die if you don't. I think adding more mobs like that would go along way towards keeping interest early on!