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When you ate that TV dinner when you came home alone, man.. My childhood. You're a fantastic actor. I love your character on SV also

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My dad killed himself over drugs, mom is a homeless addict. I followed their footsteps because my mom always promoted it. Show them the danger.. Show them love, show them activities that are fun, spend time..

If they are going to try opiates, you show them the things above harder and harder, don't give up.

It took me almost dying 10 times to finally quit. What did it? I gave up, I was ready to die. I tried to die.. When I woke up I was scared and had a moment of clarity. That day was 6 years ago and I haven't looked back. I've built a life now and have hope. It still scares me.. I never forget. I ditched the negative and while life can be rough.. Nothing was harder than being an addict. People assume your in some bliss and it's all gravy, it's not. Ten times harder than it is being productive.

You have your head screwed on right to even ask this. Just love those kids and everything else works out. You can not control everything, you can only raise them rogh4, show love, and wish for the best

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I paid 10 a month for ip vanish and still got busted by comcast for torrenting.

I switched to torgaurd, much better.

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Ouch, I'll bet that changed something in your bob/weave game tho huh?

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Sorry to disappoint, comcast just put a unrrmovable pop up on amything comnecred to my network until i logged in and scrolled through a tetms of service thing and click I understand.

Then, the cool part when they sent a letter with what i downloaded.. Some fuckin country music my younger cousin wanted.. And it had some others, i ripped it up quick.