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There was an elderly couple that liked to travel a lot. They usually made a yearly round to our casino/hotel because of the resort/spa area. They never gambled, that we knew of.

This particular time, however, the old man had $5 in his pocket and decided to play a slot. That particular slot happened to be on the Wheel-Of-Fortune national progressive slots. He rolled twice and won all $2.4 million + some change.

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I've seen elderly people literally fall over and die from heart attacks from winning $30K+

I've also seen grown men cry from losing continuously at dollar slots.

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Good question.

Normally the personnel (I was a technician, so I wasn't one of those dedicated people) have some sort of uber hawk-eye power that they notice when you don't award winnings as small as 50 cents. Yeah I don't get it either. Normally, no matter what happened, we always called down to the pit manager and advised on what happened and then at that point usually they'd let the player know and advise the dealer on what happened. If the incident was resolved, it may or may not be noted against the dealer.

If the mistake costs the casino money and the player walked out before the correct funds could be collected, the incident would be put on record for that particular dealer. Not that it made much of a difference, though. Most experienced dealers had something like 50+ mistakes over the course of 10 years or something like that. In the end, we're all human.

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In that particular case, the casino was nice enough to let next-of-kin have the winnings.

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The short answer: Kinda.

Is it used while someone is gaming randomly? No. It's used when someone previously suspected of counting/advantage/cheating arrives. Usually their face is in a database from another property.