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I agree completely with the analysis you make. The growing income inequality and the neglect of the rural areas is a major contributing factor for the rise of the far right. Ironically enough it was a socialist Bondskansler (Schröder) which started this mess in the first place, with the reform of the social security and the labor laws two decades ago. Of course Merkel didn't reverse the neoliberal reforms, resulting in a new class of (angry) people in Germany: the class of the working poor. Having 1 or even 2 jobs is no longer sufficient for these people to pay the bills and have some leftovers to enjoy their life or put their kids through college.

This is a very sad and as we see a very dangerous evolution, which must be tackled (reversed) on the European level, with the introduction of a minimum taxation for multinational companies. Unfortunately Germany plays a leading role on the European political level to block these essential reforms.

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Your analysis are spot on. Don't let the Breitbart chills tell you otherwise. They have a specific agenda, and it's not one where the well-being of Germane people has any kind of significance. If I could I would give you my vote! Keep up the good work!