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Los Angeles. Looks like the hills above Los Feliz

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What kind of plane did you fly, and what is the craziest story from that plane? Could be a near death experience, crazy adrenaline-pumping moment, or something funny. Would love to hear about this.

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How much time do you get to spend in each place that you dance in? Do you fly in, catch a cab to a site and dance, or do you get to spend a few days to a week in each spot? Obviously it would be different for areas like Africa where you might have to take a long time to travel to the spots you're going to dance in, but what about a place like a major European city?

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How the hell did you get on an aircraft carrier to do this? Let alone get a bunch of the guys to dance with you? Way cool!

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How has this changed your decision making process? Are you more readily willing to take chances with risky or nerve-wracking situations?